jan 2022 -1

Now that the New Year’s Resolutions have been made, it’s time to put those dreams and aspirations into reality. If Financial Freedom is part of those dreams, CSQ properties is here to help! The mission of CSQ is to create “Freedom Through Passive Income” for investors.

We are expecting to have an out-of-state property available for investment this month!

CSQ is partnering with a large national syndicator to offer multifamily institutional-grade investments at a fraction of what it typically costs to participate.

It will be open to Accredited Investors which are generally investors with a Net Worth exceeding $1M excluding primary residence, or at least $200k in annual income, or at least $300k in annual income with a spouse.

Once offered, this will likely be fully funded in less than 2 weeks so it would be prudent to get as many of your questions answered ahead of time.

Some of these questions may be regarding the Private Placement Memorandum, the Subscription Agreement, Operating Agreement, the management fee structure, wiring funds process, etc. Stay tuned for an upcoming newsletter describing the difference between a PPM and SA.

Don’t let 2022 slip by without, CREATING your Financial Freedom, TAKING CONTROL of your destiny, and most importantly, GETTING STARTED! As Brad Sumrock says…

In Prosperity!

- Chad and CSQ Properties Team