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Purchase of commercial real estate projects, benefiting from the strong, growing real estate market throughout the United States.

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Non-rent-controlled units are remodeled to convert a C level property into a B level property.

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Asset Management

Integration of property managers, financial institutions, brokers, insurance companies, etc. to maximize investor return.

What We Offer You



CSQ provides syndication with passive investors interested in investing in multifamily projects. These projects benefit from the strong, growing rental market throughout the United States. Strong relationships with industry professionals help ensure the best projects are identified which help achieve investment goals.



With a focus on non-rent controlled properties, the units are remodeled with a staggered approach to attain increased market rates, while minimizing operational losses during construction. The amount of remodeling will typically improve a C unit to a B unit, thereby increasing rents.

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Asset Management

The work of CSQ Properties is not done once construction is complete. Proper management is crucial to maximize returns of the investment over the entire term of the investment including disposition. Therefore, CSQ integrates property managers, financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate brokers, etc. to insure optimal return.

Why Commercial Real Estate is a Smart Investment

Investing in multifamily and self-storage properties within the commercial real estate sector offers a unique blend of income generation, growth potential, and risk mitigation.

Tax Benefits

Our investors can take advantage of various tax benefits, including depreciation deductions, which can significantly reduce taxable income from these properties.

Appreciation Potential

Our properties have the potential for long-term appreciation, increasing the value of investment over time.

Value-Add Opportunities

With strategic renovations and management, we add value to our properties, increasing rental rates and overall returns.

Hedge Against Inflation

Real estate, like multifamily and self-storage properties, can act as a hedge against inflation, as rental income and property values increase with inflation over time.

Why Invest with CSQ Properties?

Investing with CSQ Properties means partnering with a trusted and experienced team committed to helping you achieve Freedom Through Passive Income.

Proven Track

CSQ Properties has grown a General Partner Portfolio of more than $200M worth of real estate investments. This consists of more than 3,500 units of both multifamily and self-storage combined.

Transparency and Communication

We believe in building trust through transparency. We provide regular updates and clear communication, keeping you informed and involved in every step of the investment process.

Thorough Due

Our thorough due diligence and strategic approach to investment minimize operational risks and maximize profitability. We prioritize long-term growth and sustainability to protect and grow your investment.

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About Us

CSQ Properties Acquires, Repositions, and Manages multifamily and self-storage properties throughout the United States. It was formed by Chad Zdenek – a registered Professional Engineer, licensed General Contractor, and former CEO of Mobile Illumination. He started out in Construction Management in the mid-1990s working for Swinerton Builders before moving into Structural Engineering working for Boeing on the Space Shuttle Main Engines. Then he joined Mobile Illumination as CEO helping to grow the company by over 2000% in 15 years.

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, Chad has witnessed first-hand the need (and shortage) of multifamily units. This was the impetus for him to get involved utilizing his extensive background in construction and engineering to assemble deals to improve apartment housing and maximize shareholder value.

Chad received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Loyola Marymount University, Master’s of Science degree in Structural Engineering from USC, and MBA from UCLA.


Cheryl & Edgar O.

"Investing with CSQ Development is the best choice we ever made with our money. Chad was very thorough in explaining how it all worked, and we liked the opportunity to make passive income. We liked the idea so much that we decided to invest in both 1955 Locust LLC, and 1470 Elm LLC apartments. Even with the pandemic, we were still able to get a healthy return on both properties once the disbursements started coming through. It’s a great way to supplement our income and save up for our retirement. We will definitely be investing again at the next opportunity!"

Gary A.

"I am very impressed with Chad's diligence approach and clear communications. Over the years, I have invested in many different projects and Chad and his team are some of the most professional people I have worked with."

David F.

"It has been an easy, transparent, and wonderful experience working with Chad and CSQ much so, I am looking forward to investing in a second property with them!"

Eric Z.

"From the deal sourcing to the analysis to the execution, CSQ has over delivered. We look forward to continuing to invest in and with CSQ Properties and the team Chad has built."

Erin and David R.

"CSQ has presented us with solid investment options, clarity on all aspects of the investments, a high level of service and consistent information flow - all with a personal touch and a professional approach. We couldn't ask for more, and we know we are in good hands."

William F.

“Chad is an honorable and solid operator. The investment feels more personal than just writing a check, Chad works hard to make you feel appreciated and part of a small community. Everything has gone according to plan and exactly as Chad estimated it would.”

Isaac S.

“I met Chad through our construction project together in Reseda, CA. I felt very transparent with Chad and felt more than comfortable investing with CSQ. The communication is always 100% and any questions or concerns I have, are always met with immediate attention. I can't wait to partner up on the next investment!”

Larry T.

“Investing with CSQ has been easy, educational and rewarding. I appreciate the timely development and performance reports, updating me on what’s going with the properties I invest in, and seeing the deposits hit my account is just what this investor ordered!”

Core Values


Challenge the Status Quo – We’re never satisfied with how things have always been done. If you look beyond the box, there is always a better way.

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Good ol’ fashioned hard work and perseverance is the muscle behind everything we do.

Mutual Respect

We will always respect everyone we deal with regardless of job title or wallet size.

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We stay focused on a broad sense of freedom. If we lose sight of that and only focus on financial freedom, we may be unhappy when we reach the destination we’re chasing.


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Welcome to CSQ Properties!

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