New CSQ tagline!

New CSQ tagline!
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CSQ was founded on the premise of Finding a Better Way. This is my personal “Why” and continues to drive everything in my personal and business life. However when it comes to CSQ Properties as a business, it doesn’t capture the mission for the business as well. The Mission of the business is focused on providing Passive Income for investors through Real Estate Syndication.

For those investors that have focused on creating Passive Income, they’ve realized the Freedom that comes with it. That could be Freedom to pursue other ventures, Freedom to spend time with friends and family, Freedom to decide where and how to live, or most importantly, Freedom of the most precious resource – Our Time. This is what CSQ is bringing to investors – Freedom Through Passive Income. 

By pooling resources with other investors through syndication, individual investors are able to achieve superb, risk-adjusted returns in commercial real estate that they couldn’t otherwise do on their own. When this is done, these investors earn passive income helping to create more freedom.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “In the truest sense, Freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.” 


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To your Financial Freedom,

- Chad and CSQ Properties Team